Returnlogic Introduces New Website to Help Educate Retailers on Returns Optimization 

ReturnLogic Website
Ecommerce Returns Management Software Provider Releases New Website to Emphasize their Commitment to Helping Retailers Transform the Way They Manage and Optimize Returns.  

[Philadelphia, PA] December 7th, 2022  — ReturnLogic, a leader in returns management software (SaaS) solutions for ecommerce brands and retailers, announced today the launch of their new website: This release serves as a resource to educate high-growth ecommerce brands as they automate, gain visibility, and optimize product returns and operations to scale their stores while improving margins and profitability. 

“We’re excited to introduce a new site to help guide retailers as they struggle with how to manage their ecommerce returns,” said Breanna Brown, Marketing Director at ReturnLogic. “Through education and innovation, it is our goal to strengthen the profitability of every ecommerce retailer through intelligent returns management. Our new website is a testament to our dedication to continual improvement and our commitment to helping all retailers as they navigate the growing problem of ecommerce returns.” 

“As a brand scales, so does its volume of returns,” stated Peter Sobotta, Founder and CEO at ReturnLogic. “Retailers often come to us not knowing how to profitably manage returns. The first step is identifying where a retailer falls on their path to returns optimization.  Our new website helps bridge a knowledge gap by educating ecommerce teams on the steps of returns automation for customer support teams, visibility for operations and warehouse teams, and data and reporting for executive teams. We will continue to provide valuable resources and thought leadership on how to optimize returns, improve margins and scale a business while staying profitable.” 

Retail returns accounted for more than $761 billion in merchandise for US retailers in 2021—nearly 20% of which occurred in November and December— according to the National Retail Federation. For every $1 billion in sales, the average retailer incurs $166 million in merchandise returns,” according to the trade association. 

ReturnLogic is at the forefront of intelligent returns management, which starts with challenging how retailers think about returns and viewing them as a profit center vs. a cost center. ReturnLogic strives to improve a retailer’s operations through automation and visibility for customer support and warehouse teams. Through data-driven insights, modern ecommerce brands can reduce labor costs, remove manual processes, and optimize their reverse logistics to become more profitable. 

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ReturnLogic will be featured in the NRF Innovation Lab at Retail’s Big Show in New York, January 15 – 17th, 2023 in booth #8042. Schedule a meeting with us at NRF to learn more about how intelligent returns management can improve your business. 

About ReturnLogic 

ReturnLogic is transforming the way teams manage returns, helping high-growth ecommerce brands automate, gain visibility, and optimize product returns and operations in order to scale their stores and reach their full potential. Brands use ReturnLogic’s technology to customize their returns portals, free up their customer support team, automatically process warehouse team returns, and accept warranty requests on purchases made inside or outside their e-commerce sites. ReturnLogic proudly serves hundreds of online brands and retailers, processes thousands of RMAs, and is trusted by brands such as GrooveLife, EchelonFit, Oofos, Decathalon, Dossier, goodr and The Sak. To learn more visit