ReturnLogic Releases Automated Holiday Return Policies For Retailers

Return Policy Automation

Ecommerce Returns Management Software Provider Extends Platform Customization with Multiple Return Policies Capabilities. 

[Philadelphia, PA] November  15th, 2022  — ReturnLogic, a leader in returns management software (SaaS) solutions for ecommerce brands and retailers, announced today the release of multiple return policies. This feature will enable retailers to automate the holiday returns process, provide customization unique to product categories or product rules, and protect their profits by ranking and enforcing different policies offered during a special promotion or seasonal sale. 

“Customer support teams should focus their time on resolving unlikely situations, not on common and predictable ones such as manually processing a return request during the holidays or applying a different return window for refunds versus exchanges,” said Michel Mongeau, VP of Product at ReturnLogic. “Manual intervention in the return process leads to longer response times, lower customer confidence, and costly operational inefficiencies.” 

 “With Black Friday quickly approaching, so is the wave of holiday returns. We’re partnering with retailers to ensure their returns management solution adapts seamlessly and efficiently.  Retailers build customer trust by providing a hassle-free post-purchase experience. Automating complex policies with differing return windows and workflows that are tuned to each situation will provide both retailers and shoppers a positive holiday return experience,” continued Mongeau.  

“This release empowers retailers to automate their holiday returns processes and policies so that they can focus their time on improving the customer experience, retention, and lifetime value,” said Peter Sobotta, CEO and Founder at ReturnLogic.  

“Retailers may face uncertainty in the economy ahead but investing in returns management solutions is pivotal to future growth and will yield more revenue through operational efficiency and returns optimization,” stated Sobotta. “We are committed to an aggressive product roadmap, and this strengthens our ability to support any retailer, on any platform, with any policy, and with any workflow.” 

The new Multiple Return Policies feature provides flexibility in how retailers choose to design, implement, and prioritize their holiday return policies. Customers will now be able to create return policies that can restrict the return of specific variants all the way to extending the return period for an entire product category. 

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