Case Study

Jofit Cuts Return Processing Time by 10X, Increases Visibility between Customer Service & Warehouse Teams

Founded by Joanne Cloak, Jofit is a women’s athleisure brand that specializes in golf and tennis apparel. Jofit is more than just a label, it is a community of women who believe in themselves and will not take no for an answer. Joanne, a golf enthusiast herself, had long dreamed of inspiring confidence among women who enjoy the sport.

Business Challenges before ReturnLogic

As the Jofit team quickly realized, making a name in ecommerce requires a great deal of resilience. There is no shortage of doubt, discouragement, and barriers along the way. Unfortunately, the obstacles don’t disappear when your business scales. They evolve into more complex issues that can greatly impede your growth potential.

One challenge that simply would not go away was returns.

Their previous returns management process substantially lacked automation, leaving a lot of manual tasks for Deb, the Accounts Payable Specialist, as well as the warehouse team.

In addition, the returns app did not provide the Jofit team adequate visibility into the returns workflow. Departments were left siloed, without access to information they needed, and no one possessed sufficient Returns Data to drive improvements in the future.

Success with ReturnLogic

Deb shares that the return workflow with ReturnLogic is easier for her and her team than with the previous returns management software. She emphasizes that exchanges, especially, are far simpler.

Deb no longer has to credit the shopper through a third-party app, and then create a second order for the shopper using that credit. It used to take 10 minutes for her to complete a return this way, but now she can process an exchange in under 1 minute.

Not to mention that the ReturnLogic workflow removes elements of guesswork and human error.

Improving Products Using Returns Data

Visibility into why customers are returning products also enables the Jofit team to extract business value from returns.

In one instance, they had included a note in the product description that shoppers should order a size down from their typical size. But after noticing a trend of returns citing that the item was too small, the Jofit team promptly removed the remark from the description.

With another product, Deb spotted that a lot of shoppers were citing “Didn’t Like It” as the reason for return. She then brought this to the attention of Jofit’s design team so they could further examine the product within the Returns Data. This resulted in the Jofit team becoming more closely aligned with their customer base.

Jofit Before ReturnLogic

Before implementing ReturnLogic, the Jofit team was weighed down by manual processes, and had little visibility into their returns.

Jofit After Returnlogic

Since partnering with ReturnLogic, the Jofit team has simplified their returns workflow, increased visibility between teams, sped up the exchange process, and has made product improvements based on Returns Data.

A Hole-in-One for Jofit

The ambition and perseverance that Joanne exhibited when launching the brand is still alive in the Jofit team.

The returns workflow is already improving, and the team hopes to keep enhancing the experience for shoppers, as well as their own operations.

On top of that, Deb intends to continuously learn from Returns Data to maintain maximum profitability.

A par-five hole is definitely a long shot. But Jofit maintains a positive attitude and takes it one stroke at a time.