Case Study

C-IN2 Takes Control of Returns Process and Leverages Data to Grow Profits

We checked in with the e-commerce Manager, Sam dela Cruz, to learn more about the company's success.

C-IN2 is a men’s clothing brand that specializes in premium underwear, designed for comfort, performance, and aesthetics.

But their returns workflow lacked this drive for performance, until C-IN2 found a great fit with ReturnLogic.

We checked in with Ecommerce Manager, Sam dela Cruz, to learn more about the company’s success.

Business Challenges before ReturnLogic

According to Sam, the main challenges that C-INfaced prior to implementing ReturnLogic related to visibility, control, integration, and data.


Before partnering with ReturnLogic, C-INdid not have adequate visibility into their returns workflow. Sam and his team were unable to identify cases in which the process breaks down. And as a result, C-INwas stuck with a returns management process with plenty of holes in it.

In particular, the workflow failed in cases in which exceptions were made to the return rules. On top of that, C-IN2 was not allowed enough control of the returns process to remedy these cases.


Even on their end, C-IN2 had severely limited capabilities with their previous returns management software. Their customer service team was unable to create a return if the pre-determined return rules were not met.

While automated policy enforcement is key for any returns management solution, the ability for the merchant to override it is equally important.


Before launching with ReturnLogic, C-IN2 had recently switched to a new ERP system, which syncs to the company’s data on Shopify.

Unfortunately, their previous returns management software was unable to integrate with Shopify, and so the ERP was left in the dark, as well. This meant that the inventory and accounting metrics for C-IN2 were off, and Sam stated that it drove the company to find a new returns management partner.


Previously, C-INdid not have access to key pieces of data. Their solution lacked analytical reports to help the company make better business decisions.

Returns data is a part of the puzzle in ecommerce. And without it, Sam and the C-IN2 team lacked the ability to improve their products and processes.

In addition, the company struggled to determine and record the disposition of products that were returned. A product disposition indicates the condition that an item is in when it is returned, and it reflects what is to become of the product.

This is vital to recovering value on returned merchandise, but was absent from their previous returns management software.

Success with ReturnLogic

C-INhas been able to overcome all of their previous challenges since partnering with ReturnLogic.


With increased visibility into their returns workflow, C-INhas been able to fix the gaps in their returns workflow.

On top of that, Sam claimed the company has identified problems they did not know existed.

By capturing this information and providing operational visibility, the ReturnLogic platform has enabled C-IN2 to find weak spots in their returns process, and ultimately create solutions.


When making an exception to the rules to accommodate a shopper, the last thing you want is another point of friction in the returns experience.

ReturnLogic empowers the C-INteam to override their return rules for special cases.

As a result, data is still captured on these cases – the company is able to analyze and report on the exceptions that are made, and both the inventory and revenue are properly reflected within the ERP.


Since ReturnLogic integrates with Shopify, C-INis able to have more accurate inventory and accounting metrics on both their Shopify store and their ERP.

Beyond that, the team has been able to identify gaps in the new ERP platform, and has since fixed the issues.


In addition to the enhanced operational visibility, Sam said that C-INcapitalizes on the analytical insights provided within the ReturnLogic platform.

The C-INteam has the ability to see what is being returnedwhy it is being returned, and what is being received in exchanges.

This empowers the company to make powerful business decisions, whether in terms of their website or the physical products.

A Better Customer Experience with ReturnLogic

One of the primary goals of a returns management solution is to ensure the best possible experience for shoppers.

Sam is excited to have a more automated and comprehensive returns workflow. The C-INteam can focus less on returns themselves, and more on how to excite shoppers and continue to exceed their expectations.

The best return is one that never happens. Returns data enables C-INto start reducing their return rate, so they can prevent returns before they occur.

Before ReturnLogic

Before implementing ReturnLogic, the C-IN2 team lacked visibility, control, and integration in their returns workflow. And the team was missing access to data to drive business decisions.

After ReturnLogic

Since partnering with ReturnLogic, the C-IN2 team has gained visibility and control in their returns workflow, fixed shortcomings in the process, and gained access to data that will help the team continue to grow their profits.

A Great Fit for C-IN2

C-INdoes not compromise, designing its products for performance, looks, and comfort.

So, why would the company compromise in a returns management solution?

Sam and the C-INteam have noticed substantial improvements to their returns workflow, resulting in a better operational process for them, and a superior experience for their shoppers.

The company is determined to continue enhancing their returns experience, and focus attention on preventing returns before they happen.